About Us

About Us

As you can see, we at WellnessFirst sells products like wheelchairs, shoulders bands etc especially for senior citizens people and also for younger people who need that. 




Our story

There are lots of people who have lost hope that there is nothing can be done. For example- a person who is at wheelchair due to some mis-happenings convinced themselves that they will always remain like this. Also there are some old people who became depressed and lost hope that they cannot do anything.

It’s everything from the mind. If you can convince yourself then you can move mountains. There is nothing in this world that can’t be done. There is an old proverb, age is just a number.

There are millions of elder people who are enjoying their life to the fullest after entering into senior citizen category like Jackie Chan, Akshay Kumar, Sharukh Khan. 

And that’s why our sole purpose is to help such peoples. We are selling products like wheelchair with Commode facilities, Universal shoulder mobilizer, Wrist Splint with Thumb etc. which will help those people to recover themselves physically as soon as possible.

With each product, user will get some discounts and offers. You can check them manually from in our products section.