April 22, 2020 By Vinay Pandey Off

Since ancient time many challenges came in the front of human being . Challenges make human more stronger and more experienced. Incident faces by human in past or in present gives them better future for them or future generations. Challenges come in different forms for ex- natural disasters, Virus etc. Now a days a diseases know Corona Virus (COVID19) spread from person to person. It take human in the mouth of death . There are many reports came from sources that COVID19 spread from sea food or it came from Bat or unusual leak during a test in a laboratory in China. First case of COVID19 came December 2019 in CHINA. Due carelessness the virus has spread in the world in three months . To stop this the leaders of the country has taken major action to stop the corona virus. Lock down is one the major step ordered by leaders of maximum country. We can’t that government is doing best but they are giving their level best to save the life of their citizens . Not only Government but the common also giving their support and contribution to country. At this time unity will save the life of many persons. Unity doesn’t mean that move on road with posters and stand near to fight with virus. COVID19 spread person who doesn’t make social distance and dosent sanitize them self. This virus have symptoms – feaver, tiredness, dry cough, etc . Their is no need to worry with COVID19 their is many method to fight with this virus social distancing, use of hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol and use of soap and water. COVID 19 spread in human through nose mouth and ear. So wearing of high quality of mask doesn’t mean that it will save you. Instructions said by Doctors that their is no need to wear mask or glove those who are non infected . If everyone starts wearing masks and gloves then it will bring shortageshortage of mask and gloves . COVID 19 attack to small baby and person above 60 yrs because the immunity level is very low. To make more immunity level stronger their are many things to eat and drink for example Golden water, black tea etc. In ayurved yoga is also good for better immunity for human body .