February 14, 2020 By Wellness Off

Is the human growth hormone worth it?


There have been many debates about whether human growth hormone supplements should be legal. We will not be involved in this debate. I will only analyze HGH as a natural substance that the body produces and naturally increases its amount.

The benefits of human growth hormones are numerous, especially for those involved in bodybuilding and other sports. However, considering the fact that HGH can also be taken in addition, the questions remain. Is it worth the risk? Before jumping to any conclusions, let's analyze the benefits of the human growth hormone.

HGH is being manufactured in hypothalamus such as testosterone. Young people have higher HGH levels. It is responsible for growth, muscle regeneration, skin and tissue regeneration. It also helps the body metabolize as much fat as possible. It produces more energy and it improves sexual stability a. HGH deficiency has been shown to cause sleep disorders. This is one reason why older people wake up several times during the night and have difficulty reaching the stage of REM sleep where the human body is actually resting and regenerating muscles. Knowing that HGH is extremely beneficial, especially for those who work outdoors, let me give you some natural ways to increase your HGH:

Increase the intensity of your training

It has been proven that high-intensity training forces the body to produce as much HGH as possible, in order to replace damaged muscle cells by your training. So, try to work with maximum intensity. It will also help you to increase your testosterone levels.

See your diet

Poor nutrition and low HGH levels are associated. Avoid cholesterol-producing fats and foods. Eat foods that contain antioxidants and B-complex vitamins. Vitamin C and glutamine are also known to increase HGH.

Take a rest

Over 75% of daily HGH content is released during the night and especially during the darker phase, called REM. You can understand how important it is to sleep properly and rest to keep your HGH levels high.

HGH supplements

When we say supplement in HGH, we mean steroidogenic injections. Personally, I do not recommend it. The potential health risk is very high right now. However, many people find HGH supplementation to be extensive and immediate muscular development. However, as I mentioned above, I will continue to experiment with my body on my "normal" supplements such as protein, amino acids, glutamine, creatine, etc.

As a result, I would say that all of us who are sweating in the gym and trying to build strength and muscle will have to understand the importance of the natural human growth hormone and follow these simple gestures mentioned above. In order to maintain the level.

Keep pumping those muscles!