April 22, 2020 By Vinay Pandey Off

Technology make human life easier and comfortable. Technology can be seen as gift and curse. It can be said that how we utilizes technology in life. Now a days technology is doing most of the work while sitting at home. We can order eatable items, domestic product etc. Most of use able product can orders from our smartphone. Watching Premium and live video. Internet, a common word now a days. It has connected through our the world . For younger generation, it good tools for their studies, they hunt information on internet to make their mind stronger and sharper. Internet includes number of information for young once, so it depends on them how they utilizes them . While accessing Internet, it may become addiction to every, every thing have advantages and disadvantages. When we utilize internet for better purpose, similarly some one use it to harm other by giving extra ordinary offer. Most of the people are new to internet, due this they Don’t know about fraud ness. Due to this they gat captured in their web. Many cases has been registered against fraud. Days by day technology is upraded to new one and this show that improvement required for technology also. Comparison is easy with earlier once. Transportation is another form of technology for daily usage, it help to move person to other location. Air transportation is advanced level, it crossed the imagination level of human being. Air transportation is only a trailer, technology has made human to reach the space. Scientists are living space for months. Due to this Scientists are sending Seterlite to moon and planets to gather information. Develop country show advanced level of technology, just take a few example underground metro, underwater route for train etc.But we are crossing the limit and playing against the nature, harming nature good example. Technology is destroying the nature , such as water pollution, air pollution, land pollution. Above statement doesn’t mean the human are misusing of technology, they are so many benefit which are mentioned. Proper use of technology give proper response.