Venus V 410 Filtering Half mask

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Technical Datasheet

VENUS V-410-V FFP1 S IS 9473:2002 Approved Respirator

  • Filtering efficiency: > 80 %against Solid particles, Complies ISI test requirements Used on IS 9473:2002 by BIS

Filter Media

  • High technology filter media with micro fine fibers & electrostatic charge gives maxi¬mum filtering efficiency

Stylish & User Friendly

  • Comfort Fold Flat Style filtering face piece produced substantially of filter media to fit on the face covering the nose and mouth comfortably so that fine particles does not enter from the edges.
  • Large surface area to suit breathing comfort and high protection. Low profile design, Wing wide range of face contours
  • Light weight provides greater work comfort, suits longer duration of wear
  • Compatible with / other face / head PPE(s)

Suggested applications

  • Bagging, Cement, Ceramics, Coal Industries, Construction, Distillation & Breweries, Tyre, Drilling, Gdnding, Dyes & Dyestuffs, Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metallurgical indus¬Ides, Grinding, Glass Etching, Paper processing, Sweeping, Textile, Tobacco process¬ing, Woodworking etc.

Use For

  • Protection against Solids particles & non oil bas. Liquids particles from sprays –

ested for mean particle size of 0.6 Microns as per IS 9473 2002 Standards


  • Contaminated products should be disposed as hazardous waste in accordance with local regulations

Important Information

  • See information supplind by manufacturer with product.
  • Fitting instruction to be followed each time be foresting respirator
  • Failure to follow all user instructions and limitation on the use of this respirator and / or failure to wear this respirator during all times of exposure can .son respirator effec¬tiveness and result in sickness or death.
  • Do not use for protection against Gases, Vapour, or in an atmosphere containing less than 17% oxygen.
  • Use Condition : Not against particles of carcinogenic and Radioactive substances, Moro-organisms & Enzymes