February 14, 2020 By Wellness Off

Stevia Sweetener – A boon for diabetics


Diabetes can be broadly classified as a condition in which our blood glucose levels are high. And the primary condition arises when our body is unable to properly use high glucose levels. Fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision and unexplained thirst and hunger are some of the symptoms that indicate the onset of diabetes.

Insulin is a commonly used terminology for diabetes. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, and it allows glucose to enter the cells, so that glucose can be used by the body as fuel.

Frequently, people with diabetes & # 39; type 1 & # 39; And & # 39; type 2 & # 39; Divided into diabetes. A person & # 39; type 1 & # 39; While suffering from diabetes, his body is unable to produce insulin. & # 39; Type 1 & # 39; Diabetes usually appears before the age of 40, and is treated with insulin injections and diets.

A person & # 39; s type 2 & # 39; When suffering from diabetes, his body creates insulin, but the amount is not adequate. Sometimes, one suffers from insulin resistance, in which the insulin produced by the body is not functioning properly. Type 2 diabetes is when one is over 40, and the risk increases as one ages. Treatment involves modifications in diet, physical activity and ation. In some cases, treatment may require insulin injections.

Treatment in both types of diabetes allows the patient to achieve normal blood glucose levels. It promotes well-being and prevents any long-term damage to the arteries, kidneys, eyes, nerves and heart.

Diabetes is often associated with obesity, and obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. With increasing prevalence of obesity prevalence in Western countries, & # 39; Type 2 & # 39; Cases of diabetes are on the rise.

Obesity, and consequently diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, are caused by lifestyle factors, such as inadequate physical activity and unhealthy eating. And small changes in diet, such as reducing fat and sugar intake, combined with an exercise plan, such as 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, can be very effective in reducing the risk of diabetes. The study also revealed that when a person suffers from impaired glucose tolerance, restricted diet and regular moderate physical activity prevent the development of diabetes in about 60% of cases.

One of the most important challenges a person must face when he or she suffers from diabetes is to control blood sugar or blood glucose levels. And checking blood sugar levels in the body can help the diabetic patient to lead a healthy, normal lifestyle, and it greatly reduces the chances of developing any health-related complications.

The best way to control blood glucose levels in our bodies is by switching from sugar to natural sweeteners. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has zero sugar, zero carbohydrates and zero glycemic index, which means it has no effect on our blood sugar levels.