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When words & # 39; Syphilis & # 39; can be heard, one can imagine many terrible things. Of course, Syphilis is a disease that everyone should be afraid of, and if someone discovers some syphilis, ignoring it will cause the most serious problems. One & # 39; s most sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis is a disease caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum. This disease is generally known in four stages. These four colors

1. First,
2. Second,
3. and latent; n & # 39; last,
4. high school level.

If a person is infected with a virus, the time of admission will occur. The time of transfusion is usually & # 39; between 9-90 days, the average time is about 21 days, before any first symptoms and symptoms of this disease appear. Each series of syphilis has their own unique identities, however, any type of symptoms may or may not manifest.

So, let's talk about some of the comments on the first post. This condition usually begins in the throat or throat & # 39; s body, and is usually present in the throat, air or body. This chancre is described as feeling like a button: one of & # 39; The cycle, the stability, does not touch it and usually looks at half an inch across. To add to it too, the victim's comments can be answered in the & # 39; lymph nodes are located in the groin. Usually, these solid lymph nodes do not have a sensitive effect. Patients with chronic illness do not become ill during the appointment. At one point, the chancre will heal after about 6 weeks. This is the biggest problem since it can send a wrong signal to the person that there is nothing wrong with it. But the fact is that the disease does not appear to & # 39; though, instead it will go to & # 39; the face spreading n & # 39; the victim's body & # 39;

When the first color has reached n & # 39; the second level, one can feel the difference. Common symptoms in the second grade include lack of appetite, sore throat, headaches and rashes that may begin to appear. This second dose, one should keep in mind, usually begins several weeks after the lesions or chancre are healed, and once the virus has spread to the & # 39; s body. The skeleton that will be visible during the second trimester is usually reddish-brown, red and oblique. Nevertheless, the nature of the lesions of a personâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s body may change dramatically. The lesions may appear pale or flat, they may be red or not, and they may be pustules or may not be. With this radical change, syphilis can drive the well-being of many and will be called & # 39; large e & water & # 39 ;, where the disease may seem like many other conditions. These crashes can last for weeks or months.

Also, other signs that occur in & # 39; s second period may include ulcers and lesions & # 39; throat, nose, mouth, genital area and / or fragments of the victim & # 39; There may be swelling of the lymph nodes and some inflammatory hair. These symptoms will disappear from the eye without any treatment at around 3 months to 9 months. But in any case, the disease is much more severe than the victim's & # 39;

There were no symptoms at this latent level. This period can last several years for fifty years! Exposure to Vulnerabilities in Successful Children & # 39; t show, even though the disease has been diagnosed by blood tests.

Finally, the high school level can damage the upper body of the injured person & # 39; It can affect someone terrified & # 39; a system that will deal with the death of the person thinking & # 39; Also, the disease can affect the person & # 39; s, disease, it is the cause of heart disease. Other common symptoms that are most common in the most common are severe anemia, liver disease, osteoarthritis, skin ulcers and fever.

The facts just mentioned are enough to scare anyone. Syphilis is a disease that needs to be treated and prevented or prevented from getting worse. That is why it is important for an infected person to rush to & # 39; s all hospitals suffering from syphilis if there is something in their body. If confidentiality is a major factor in a person's decision to visit a hospital, so no worries since there are private clinics that can ensure the privacy of their patients & # 39;

Syphilis Signs– these are often difficult to detect. Learn more about the disease now to help you detect its symptoms.